An open database of children's vocabulary development

Wordbank contains data from 60,368 children
and 67,247 CDI administrations, across
21 languages and 40 instruments:

Wordbank is an open database of information about children's vocabulary growth.

Wordbank archives data from the MacArthur-Bates Communicative Development Inventory (MB-CDI), a family of parent-report questionnaires. Wordbank enables researchers to analyze MB-CDI data in terms of aggregate vocabulary, individual items, demographic variables, and more. It provides interactive visualizations, exploratory reports, and data export tools.

Wordbank is open access! You can use the wordbankr package to access Wordbank data from R.

Feel free to report a bug or request a feature by logging an issue on GitHub, and to contact us with any questions or comments.

Meet the Wordbank team!

Michael C. Frank

Principal Investigator, Language and Cognition Lab

Mika Braginsky

Research Assistant, Language and Cognition Lab

Daniel Yurovsky

Postdoc, Language and Cognition Lab

Virginia Marchman

Research Associate, Language Learning Lab

Thanks to Brock Ferguson for help with database design and optimization, and to Rose Schneider for logo design.